2 thoughts on “They All Laughed

  1. Jack(!), thanks!
    What a great way to start a day!..!
    Man, watching Ginger Rogers dance, 🫠
    one can’t help but sharing her enjoyment.
    What a great performer. 💋

    Jack, a kinda weird story,
    maybe you already have heard,.. 🤔
    it was new to me. 🫣

    Last year, after starting my `cancer trip’,
    I left the hospital…”with a bag”.
    A Stoma.

    A bit down, I looked for some inspiration,
    ..from other `baggies’.

    You probably see it coming…
    Fred Astaire(!).

    Can you believe this guy(!),..
    ..like this…?
    With a stoma,…and bag?…!??!!!

    It’s rarely mentioned.
    He talked about it, in two or three interviews,
    than said, “Let’s change the subject.”

    He’s an inspiration.
    I started tying my shoes a bit tighter,… 🙂

    p.s.: Off topic, but,
    Napolean B., was another, more documented,..`baggy’(!).
    The famous painting, of him,
    with his hand in his vest,
    takes on different perspective,
    knowing this. 😳

    Thanks Jack,
    we really enjoyed the clip.

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