‘S Wonderful

Monday Morning, Louis Armstrong and Eileen Farrell with a great duet. If this doesn’t bring a smile to your lips, seriously, check your pulse.

Thanks to YouTuber The Ed Sullivan Show

6 thoughts on “‘S Wonderful

    • Thanks, Dennis. The bad thing about National Hard Candy Day is that it gives my enemies more supplies of ammunition to hurl at me.

      The cool thing about the video (which I didn’t know before) is that Eileen Farrell was a famous opera singer of that time!

  1. I’m all honesty Jack,
    (I’m scared to admitt this,..being ‘Hard Candy Day’ and all..)

    I’d never heard of her,..
    or heard her sing before. 😞

    My loss.
    She’s GREAT!

    Thanks again.

    p.s.: Another ‘sad story’,..related to ‘Hard Candy Day’.
    Tomorrow, at 3:45,..
    I have a Dentist appointment.

    I should have stuck to Latkes and Rugelach. 😕

    • I have recordings from her in her later years and she continued to be terrific, but that’s the first time I saw her on video. Good luck with the dentist. As for latkes, remember sufganiyot is recommended by 3 out of 3 dentists.

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