2 thoughts on “Take Five

  1. In the mid to late 70s, I was driving down Olympic Boulevard, headed west, and I heard Take Five on the radio. I was stunned. I turned left on Westwood and went to the record store (they had them back then!) and bought Time Out and that started my love affair, still ongoing, with jazz. When Dave Brubeck passed away, I was on the road teaching, in Northern California, and I cried. Such beautiful music. Means everything to me. Stunning in every incarnation. And Time Out is a fantastic album. Blue Rondo a la Turk is sensational, also. Thanks for the break from tax season (I am a tax CPA).

    • I’ve heard it said that Take Five was the entry point to jazz for a lot of people–and I can well appreciate that. For me, it was My Favorite Things. But wow, Dave Brubeck’s Quartet was amazing. Joe Morello was a monster!

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