Lloyd Richards Day Details!

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!!UPDATE: The event will happen under the marquee of the beautiful August Wilson Theater on West 52nd Street at 12 noon, June 29th!!

We are so happy to announce the details about the public ceremony for Lloyd Richards Day. The public ceremony will happen in Times Square, Thursday, June 29th, 12 noon. We anticipate some Tony and Emmy Award winning theatrical colleagues of Lloyd to be there. You’re all invited! Feel free to share this notice.

To learn more about what Lloyd Richards has given to Broadway, New York City, and American Theater, see this post.

2 thoughts on “Lloyd Richards Day Details!

  1. I said, “You don’t like me.” He replied, “I don’t have to really like you. I’m here to give you something. You paid for it. But I do expect you not to waste my time and other people’s time.” I replied, ” What? I work hard.” He said, “Do you?” I said, “Yes. I don’t?”

    He gave me his little sly grin puffing his cigarette and said to me, ” You like to wing things.” I said, “What do you mean by that?” He answered, “Oh you know. You like to wing it. You just waltz in this class, no preparation. And it’s not fair to the others.” I said, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    I held that against Lloyd for a long time.

    Well my daughter is pursuing the business, and we get into it a lot. I tell her, “Juelle, you know what your problem is? You like to wing things.” She asked me, “What do you mean by that.” “Oh you know. You like to wing it. No preparation, wasting people’s time.”

    Thanks Lloyd. I know the A grades you gave me were because I stopped winging it. I tried to say thank you before you left Hunter, but I was young and stubborn and never liked you saying that to me. However, it was a message that stayed with me. It made me internally aware of that short coming.

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