Force of Nature


Hold tight to your hat, scarf, and shirt this Monday as Hurricane Ella knocks you over with her incredible live performance and some amazing solos by Herb Ellis, Oscar Peterson, and Roy Eldridge,  Belgium 1957.

“It Don’t Mean a Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing.”


Ray Brown, bass

Oscar Peterson, piano

Jo Jones, drums

Herb Ellis, guitar

Roy Eldridge, trumpet.


Thanks to YouTuber  Jimmy John

2 thoughts on “Force of Nature

  1. Marvelous, except that I wish the engineers had given more audio to Roy. He seemed to be playing his heart out but could hardly be heard. I guess that was the state of sound engineering in Brussels back in 1957?

    • Yes, the sound is kind of lousy all along. It’s probably more a function of the state of video recording at the time than the actual mics at the event. Maybe the following video has somewhat better sound, but the video is all covered with superimposed titles and copyright reminders:

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