The Writing Blues Cure



The good folks at The Virtual Academic have a one stop solution to your dissertation and disquisition distress: a random sentence generator. Your academic jargon word count targets are now a breeze to fulfill, the heavy lifting done by the wizardry of some clever computer programming and a keen eye for the structure of nonsense.

You have two options: the first option (link above) has the program making all the choices for you; not only will it generate impressive word salad thoughts, but on Fridays it will also generate jargon-laden critiques of the newly-created sentences. Here is a screenshot of some the sentences that it captured for me last night:


For those who wish for more personal input into their scribblings, there is another option here which allows you to select key phrases and to edit post-facto. So, have fun with this, because, after all, the fiction of praxis gestures toward the discourse of print culture.

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