Driving With The Professor: David Williamson


If you are a magic buff, I dare you not to laugh at this hilarious video posted by David Williamson on YouTube. If anyone knows who did the brilliant puppetry, I’d appreciate any information you could add here.

UPDATE from David Williamson, who kindly provided the following information:

“The puppet was made by Barry Gordimer of Washington DC. He also made a Max Maven and Ed Marlo puppet. We use these in a skit at the Washington DC convention put on by Rich Bloch years ago.

Mike Caveney of Pasadena California was the voice of the professor. He owns that puppet now and we decided to shoot that video on our Drive from Pasadena to Las Vegas for the magic live convention. So Mike was driving and operating the puppet and doing the voice. It’s a wonder we survived!

When we did the skit at the DC convention, John Carney voiced Marlo and Max.

It was hilarious. Vernon and Marlo got into a smack down. I don’t think I have a video of that. I wish I did!”


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