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  1. *Gad! You are a great interviewer.*

    Two (actually three) points come to mind:

    1) Where was the ******* UFT to back him up??? So much for the “power of a union.” 2) What he was standing up against, what was happening to the “administration” AND to the curriculum at Midwood is happening–has been happening for about 10 years–all across the system. In fact, one of the reasons that my friend Marty–the historian who comes to my parties–finally retired this June after 52 years teaching was that the diluting of the American history curriculum–even at the college level (he was at Staten Island College)–had virtually wiped out his ability to teach history. What he described as taking place with the field of teaching American history was almost the same as Todd described with English. The kids really read almost nothing and learn about the same. 3) and this is more controversial: Kids get to hate English in high school–like my grandsons have learned to do despite the passion at least Cody felt for reading in grade school when he read dozens of books!!–because of the “traditional” English curriculum–still used out there in California, evidently– that has kids reading the same books that used to be forced down our throats in high school decades ago. I can’t remember what they were now–Scarlet letter was one; I just remember Cody telling me how he hated English (he is a Junior now), doesn’t like reading anymore and he listed some of the books he was being told to read. I wondered aloud to him why–WHY???–of all the great books, it has to be THESE ones that they have to read???!!! So there is that issue to put into the mix. Who decides the curriculum for English teachers anyhow.

    Anyway, just some thoughts. Thanks for bringing that case to our attention. He was certainly left to dangle on his own by the UFT AND by his colleagues.


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