Jim Jefferies is an Australian comedian who has gotten quite a large fan base in the last few years. He’s sharper, quicker, and more political than most comics his age. His casual style belies the careful way his routines are crafted. Watch how he takes this 12-minute bit about vaccinations through its course, perfectly shapes a wandering conversation, and then brings it back home with a great call back.

4 thoughts on “Vaccination

  1. not funny his comment about autism, we would love to know what causes it but being a comedian’s child is probably not one of them

    • Did you finish the video? Because Mr. Jefferies is himself autistic, which he admits to near the end of his routine.

  2. If that story is really true about him going against your partner and vaccinating his child, then I have to say that he is indeed the biggest dick out and not only that but really very ignorant too.

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