Two Macabre Stories by Ambrose Bierce



“Mrs. Dennison’s Head,”and “Oil of Dog” are two delightful macabre short stories by Ambrose Bierce which the the marvelous actor Mary Murphy and I performed on the Arts Express radio program yesterday.

Click on the grey triangles below to listen.


Click here for “Mrs. Dennison’s Head,” read by Mary Murphy:


Click here for “Oil of Dog,” read by Jack Shalom




2 thoughts on “Two Macabre Stories by Ambrose Bierce

  1. Jack!! That was brilliant. I was spellbound!! What a great show that was!! You and Mary made a great team!! It was a fabulous production. The choice of musical background added so much to the atmosphere. Great work!!

    Nicholas was a fan of Ambrose Bierce and we have several books around here by him. I think it is time that I opened some of them!!!!


  2. Thanks a lot, Marilyn. Very glad you liked it. We worked very hard on it, and I was happy with the way it turned out.

    Bierce was a fascinating character. He disappeared in Mexico at the age of 71, reportedly on his way to join Pancho Villa’s army.

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