3 thoughts on “Black Sheep Boy: Tim Hardin

  1. Hi Viv,

    Here’s a Tim Hardin story told to me by someone who was a friend of mine a long time ago.

    My friend was sitting in a little bar on the Upper West Side of NYC where Tim Hardin had a weekend gig, and a guy sitting next to him at the bar asked him what he thought of Tim Hardin. My friend said, “I don’t know. He writes good songs and all, but I hear he’s a heroin addict and a drunk.” The guy replies, “Yeah, that’s what I think, too.”

    You probably see the punchline coming…the guy gets up from the bar, picks up his guitar, and starts singing. It was Tim Hardin.

  2. That song/melody/voice is soo beautiful that it almost doesn’t matter what he is saying. It is just beautiful. His voice has that same timbre as Aaron Neville’s does sort of.


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