The Most Astonishing Chase Scene Ever



In 1925 Buster Keaton made the feature film Seven Chances. Filled with great sight gags, the movie’s final chase scene has never been surpassed.

Here’s the set-up: Buster’s grandfather’s will says that if Buster gets married by seven pm that day, Buster will inherit seven million dollars. So in order to fulfill the will, Buster, chased by dozens of money-seeking would-be brides, runs through a myriad of obstacles to reach his one true girlfriend in time.

The inventiveness of the full 13-minute chase is really jaw-dropping. You can see the amazing avalanche sequence, the last four minutes of the chase, by clicking on the video above.

Thanks to YouTuber Alpic Montagnes

Update: evidently the owners of that video have blocked it in some countries, despite fair use exceptions, not to mention the free advertising for Buster Keaton movies. Sorry about that.

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