Hidden Figures


No, not the film (not perfect, but worth seeing for some excellent acting, and a tautly written account of a little known but important event in US history), but magicienne (that’s what she calls herself) Julie Eng.

That’s her dad, Tony, who you see in the video, also in the family magic business, at least that’s his face. But the hands—and the sleight-of that goes with them—belong to daughter Julie.

She’s an excellent close-up and all-around magician herself. In the video she proves it by magishing without looking. The magicians at the convention are well aware of what Julie is doing and just how difficult it is to pull off.

And proud Dad is able to smile and say—Look Ma, no hands!

Here’s a picture of the talented Ms Eng:


Click on the video to give her a big hand.

Thanks to YouTuber The King of Magic

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