Monday Morning Music Maven: David Amram


Monday morning, Mama nixes making music, but that doesn’t stop David Amram and company.

Has there ever been a musician more accomplished in so many fields of music than David Amram? Whether it be in folk music, classical, jazz, or even movie scores (Splendor in The Grass and The Manchurian Candidate were his compositions), he’s been an eclectic, generous presence.

Here he is playing a musical introduction at the Philadelphia Folk Festival with Larry Campbell  on guitar, Erik Lawrence on sax, Somoko on violin, and Amram’s son, Adam, on drums. Be sure to catch Amram playing two pennywhistles at 4:25.

Amram is about eighty years old in this video and still making great music now at age 87.

Thanks to YouTuber Ky Hote

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