The Boxer–Interrupted By A Story


Monday Morning, Brother Paul still La-La-Li-ing, even after fifty years since first writing and recording “The Boxer.”

I really enjoyed this live version documented in the clip above, filmed just two months ago, where Simon stops the song for a minute to tell a wonderful anecdote about an unlikely fan.

Thanks to YouTuber Rosie Tobin

2 thoughts on “The Boxer–Interrupted By A Story

  1. In some performances, Simon sings an additional verse to The Boxer:

    Now the years are rolling by me, they are rocking evenly
    I am older than I once was, but younger than I’ll be
    That’s not unusual.
    No it isn’t strange, after changes, more changes
    We are more or less the same;
    After changes we are more or less the same.

    You can here it here, in this perfromance with Joan Baez:

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