8 thoughts on “The Copper Clapper Caper

  1. A great piece Jack!

    What you might find interesting,
    Jack Webb was a great comedy writer!
    He wrote and starred in a radio show:
    ‘The Jack Webb Show’, in the 1940’s.
    Comedy pure!..!

    In some of the Dragnet radio shows,
    he went really heavy into the comedy(!).
    Some of my favourite lines from him are:
    “She was as popular as a bald-headed chorus-girl.”
    “He was as happy as a beaver with a loose tooth.”
    or, “He looked as silly as a polar bear in a bikini with a pop-sicle.”

    He was a great comedian.
    !..great writer.

    ,..he was the first choice to be ‘the Dean’, in Animal House(!).
    …turned the part down.

    Jack Webb,…great guy.

    • That’s interesting. I never knew he did comedy. I thought he was really great in Marlon Brando’s first film, The Men, where they both played paraplegic vets.

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