How To Produce Interviews For Radio And Podcast

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Thanks to my readers here for putting up with my seemingly interminable series on producing radio interviews. But now I have compiled and updated that series into one convenient 50+ page booklet which you can download for free here:

I think it’s a pretty good way to start learning about interviewing technique, equipment, and editing for radio or podcast. It assumes you know nothing about radio and takes you from wondering about who to interview to the finished mixed audio file with bells and whistles. If you think you’d like to make a go at it, or are just curious, or would just like to see if your advice matches my advice, it’s all there in one convenient free booklet.

Go Forth and Interview.

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    • Thanks, Marilyn. I’m assuming that most of the radio program you’ll be doing will be live, so this booklet may not be of that much use to you, but still, you might find parts of it worth reading.

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