I Am Spartacus!

If you haven’t seen or don’t remember the classic scene from the the movie Spartacus about the leader of a Roman slave rebellion, click on the very short video below, so that the rest of this makes sense:


Now watch what the geniuses at Improv Everywhere, the ringleaders of the international multi-city No Pants Subway Ride, did at a local Starbucks:

More videos at Improv Everywhere

9 thoughts on “I Am Spartacus!

  1. That’s hilarious, Jack – and I kinda saw it coming. But I need to convey that I never did see the original movie *Sparticus* nor did I know it dealt with a Roman slave rebellion. I must say, that original scene is pretty darn powerful. Sent chills down my spine. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, A.P., glad you got a laugh. If I recall correctly, Spartacus was written by Howard Fast, one of the screenwriters who was blacklisted in the 50s.

      I love the Improv Everywhere folks. They did a whole series of pranks like this which you can see on YouTube based on films. I really laughed at the kicker at the end of the Spartacus video.

  2. I’ll have to rent Spartious and subscribe to Improv Everywhere. I also have a youtube channel, piano stuff, I’m working on making it more professional. Andy Pope is the name, the channel is /starsworth if you’re interested.

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