Dead Easy Way To Do Impressions Of Famous People: Albert Brooks


This had me rolling in laughter. Comedian Albert Brooks explains to Johnny Carson his invention that helps him impersonate famous people.

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3 thoughts on “Dead Easy Way To Do Impressions Of Famous People: Albert Brooks

  1. I love that!!! I wish there were funny people like that around on late night these days. I like Colbert and also Trevor Noah sometimes. But usually they are not as funny as some of these earlier comedians were, like this guy and Steve Martin, etc. David Letterman, before he changed to a talk show host, was also a really funny guy!! But after he became talk show host, he never matched what he had been before. Carson had good comedians as guests. That doesn’t happen now. The guests on Trevor’s show are writers, musicians, politicians, or actors.

    • I think for various reasons, young comedians now tend to be trained more as sketch comics for shows like SNL, than for stand-up. I don’t think there’s as much stand up now because there is just not the same number of comedy clubs that there used to be. The comedy ecosystem has changed. Many would-bes have their own YouTube comedy channels, looking to break through into a commercial television series.

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