Dead Easy Way To Do Impressions Of Famous People: Albert Brooks


This had me rolling in laughter. Comedian Albert Brooks explains to Johnny Carson his invention that helps him impersonate famous people.

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“False, Fleeting, Perjured Clarence!”

Impressionist Jim Meskimen impresses in this excerpt from Shakespeare’s Richard III with a plethora of spot-on celebrity impersonations. I think his Richard Burton, Woody Allen, and Garrison Keillor are particularly good, but I don’t think there’s a miss in the lot. Let me know which ones you most enjoy.

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The Greatest, Really, The Best Impression, It’s Going To Be So Huge, of Trump, It’s Won All The Awards, You’re Going To Get So Tired of Winning, It’s A Tremendous, Tremendous Job


The incredibly funny and accurate Frank Caliendo doing his Donald Trump impression.

“Where the Balloon Is?”


At the 2015 Golden Cat Magic Conference in Gabrovo, Bulgarian magician Petar Sharkov performed some hilarious imitations of a few of the magicians who had attended the conference in the past.  With his permission, I’m re-posting his turn in which he satirizes David Stone, Lennart Green, Shawn Farquar, Yu Ho Jin,  and Topas. Unfortunately, his funny imitations were cut short when he dislocated his shoulder during his Topas bit, so he couldn’t do his Jeff McBride impersonation. Maybe this year?

Warning: Deep dark underground secret card manipulation techniques are exposed in the Lennart Green and Yu Ho Jin segments.

“I Didn’t Learn Tiddley-Twat at The Actors Studio”


Kevin Spacey is a marvelous film actor; what isn’t as well known is that he’s a first-class impressionist. Here he is with Inside the Actors Studio‘s James Lipton, and Spacey regales the audience with nine hilarious dead-on impressions:

Jimmy Stewart

Johnny Carson

Katherine Hepburn

Clint Eastwood

John Gielgud

Marlon Brando

Christopher Walken

Al Pacino

Jack Lemmon


My pick hit? Definitely Marlon! But they’re all great. Click on the video to play.

She Was Only Sixteen Years Old…

Bob Brydon and Steve Coogan, play two competitive actors who take a trip together, ostensibly as restaurant reviewers, in an improbably entertaining and wonderfully aimless movie, The Trip.