French Cocktails with David Stone


David Stone is a French magician with an irrepressible sense of mischievous humor and a wonderful command of misdirection. Here he is performing in English for a group of English-speaking magicians. Everything he does seems so carefree and improvisational, but it is all choreographed for maximum comic and magical effect.

“Where the Balloon Is?”


At the 2015 Golden Cat Magic Conference in Gabrovo, Bulgarian magician Petar Sharkov performed some hilarious imitations of a few of the magicians who had attended the conference in the past.  With his permission, I’m re-posting his turn in which he satirizes David Stone, Lennart Green, Shawn Farquar, Yu Ho Jin,  and Topas. Unfortunately, his funny imitations were cut short when he dislocated his shoulder during his Topas bit, so he couldn’t do his Jeff McBride impersonation. Maybe this year?

Warning: Deep dark underground secret card manipulation techniques are exposed in the Lennart Green and Yu Ho Jin segments.