“Hard Luck”: Sholom Aleichem





Above is one of Sholom Aleichem’s amusing railroad stories, “Hard Luck,” which I performed and produced, as broadcast on WBAI radio’s Arts Express program last night.

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    • Thanks. It’s a klezmer tune, fairly popular based on the many versions of it I’ve seen on YouTube, called Le Train de 7h40 de Matin. You can hear the version I used here:

  1. “Ask anyone who knows the least about…”
    Great story Jack.
    I honestly don’t,…DIDN’T(!),
    … know anything about the who, what, when, or where(!),
    of Sholom!

    I do now.
    it’a pleasure!

    • Thanks, Dennis. He wrote lots and lots of stories, plays, novels, mostly all in Yiddish. I’m not even sure all of them have been translated into English. They say when he died in New York City, there was a tremendous public funeral with tens of thousands of people lining the street.

  2. …it was sad though hearing,
    “I laugh out of spite.”
    ,..such a sad painfull thought.

    Comedians, Clowns,…have one of the highest suicide rates,
    …don’t they.

  3. That was really great! And I liked the music in the background. That was a fun story. Thanks for that! No, I never knew anything about his work. This is the first story of his I have heard as far as I can remember!! Good work, Jack!!

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