The Hostess with The Moistess


The brilliant Barry Humphries as his most famous alter ego, Dame Edna Everage, makes me laugh out loud despite myself.

Thanks to YouTuber ppotter

2 thoughts on “The Hostess with The Moistess

  1. That was wonderful!!! I haven’t thought about her/him for years!!! What ever happened to him/her??? There used to be such funny things on TV but there isn’t now. The comedians aren’t funny any more. Do you notice that?

    • Barry Humphries is now in his eighties and I don’t think performs much anymore. But he was lightening quick in the kind of situation above. Another of his great creations is Sir Les Patterson, the slobbering, lecherous Australian cultural attache.I’m not one to easily call a comedian a genius, but as with Peter Cook, he had a brilliant sharp wit.

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