Billie Holiday: The Last Interview




This new compilation of interviews with Billie Holiday has an introduction by journalist and writer Khanya Mtshali. Listen to my conversation with Ms. Mtshali, as broadcast today on Arts Express radio on WBAI 99.5FM NYC, as she explains why Billie Holiday was not the person you thought she was.

2 thoughts on “Billie Holiday: The Last Interview

  1. Great interview Jack(!).

    After listening to a fine 15 minutes,
    it hit me(!..!):
    the time YOU invest preparing.

    …probably just tapping your passions. 🙃
    Thuroughly appreciated.

    p.s.: The mention of Louis Armstrong,
    then ‘the addiction’ discusion,
    couldn’t help me but to think of Valaida Snow.

    Might want to check her out.

    She was touring Europe, right before the on-set of ww2.
    The Germans grabbed her, crossing the boarder,
    into Danemark,
    with heroin.
    She was put in a concentration camp….
    the Americans negotiated her release…..
    ….a bit of an unknown Jazz-terz.

    Anyway,…thanks Jack.
    Great interview.
    Thanks for taking the time!

    • Thanks, Dennis. I enjoyed putting them together, but you’re right, it is time consuming. I once estimated that it took me a minimum of 15 hours work time for each 15 minute segment I produced. But then think of all the time you put into a 15 minute magic routine! That’s part of the magic, isn’t it, hiding the work. 🙂

      I wasn’t happy about the sound quality on this one, because of the nature of recording long distance; but I decided to go with it anyway, as it gave me an excuse to play some of my favorite songs.

      I’ll take a look at Valaida Snow. Thanks for the recommendation.

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