3 thoughts on “The Cooling: Reina del Cid

  1. Hey Jack(!). Wow! Thanks!..!

    Many things amazed me about this video,..song.
    The first: She wrote the song(!) herself!
    WoW!..! Brilliant text and composition!
    Really great.

    Secondly: The quality of the music,..musicians(!).
    They played so well,…so ‘structured’ together!

    Thanks. I really appreciate this.

  2. Yeah, I’ve listened to that, as well. Really fine.
    I could,..SHOULD kick myself(!).
    They were BOTH(!) over here, in Germany,
    last year,…together(!..!)..
    i missed them. 😕

    I checked Reina del Cid’s website, to see where she is playing this year.
    It struck me,
    she plays many of the same venues,
    of another of my favourite Singer/Song-writers plays.
    Mary Gauthier.

    Familiar with her?

    or, ‘Drag Queens and Limosines’ (!).

    Gotta run. 🏃
    Smiles, dennis

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