Nichols And May

It’s fun to see how out of date the premise is, and yet how hilarious Elaine May and Mike Nichols were, both with impeccable timing.

Thanks to YouTuber pianopappy

6 thoughts on “Nichols And May

    • Yes. I think so many after them were influenced by their comedy. Just amazing skill and talent. I think you could make a case that basically all post vaudeville American sketch comedy goes back to Nichols and May.

  1. Such great humor! I have always enjoyed the “phone call” style of humor, so many greats in this area.

    Incidentally I remember the days of switchboard operators, 4 digit phone numbers, and the Time Lady 😉

    • Yes, just off hand, I can recall Betty Walker, Shelly Berman, Bob Newhart…

      The thing that got the biggest laugh of recognition from me was the sending of the stamps. It always seemed such a ludicrous form of repayment.

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