Diaspora Boy

American artist Eli Valley created his Diaspora Boy comics because of his anger with the corruption of American Jewish institutions and so-called Jewish “leaders” that he was constantly exposed to. His response was a savage comic strip with a visual style that mixed the 50s Mad’s Harvey Kurtzman and the 60s R. Crumb.

I broadcast a radio commentary about the collected strips that Valley published in book form, and I also read one of his 9-panel cartoons on the air.

Click the triangle or mp3 link above to hear the commentary, as broadcast today on Arts Express on WBAI and Pacifica affiliates across the nation.

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  1. Very disappointed in the way you characterize Jewish leaders and make no mention of the brutal murdering Palestinian terrorists, for example the Sbarro pizza shop bombing in August 2001, the murders of rabbis in Har Nof, murders of students in February 2009, and on and on.

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