“The Horror! The Horror!”




Artist and comic illustrator Peter Kuper has come out with a new graphic novel adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s sinister novella, Heart of Darkness. I had the pleasure of talking with Peter about that adaptation, as well as  a chance to talk with him about his 25 years of writing and drawing the “Spy vs. Spy” cartoon for Mad Magazine. As a bonus, we also got to talk about his work as the co-founder of the classic underground comic book series, World War 3 Illustrated.

You can listen to the interview as broadcast today on Pacifica Affiliates across the nation by clicking on the triangle above.

Lucky or Unlucky?

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Reading Lynda Barry’s comics always made me fell less weird, or conversely, more proud of my strangeness. The cartoons starring Marlys and her older sister Maybonne didn’t always make me laugh out loud, but they were the kinds of comics that stayed with me for a long time.

More about Lynda Barry at https://www.drawnandquarterly.com/greatest-marlys