2 thoughts on “Carlin’s Complaints

  1. hi, first i love mr carlin brilliant stuff, my only regret with mr carlin was that i discovered him on the day his death was reported, at the time i thought oh mr carlin has died i shall go find out who he is and was totally hooked, watched every minute i could find, i was definitely late to the party though! second your video does not play for me not a problem like i said i love mr carlin and have watched everything that was ever available, just wanted to mention as i don’t know if it is just me it doesn’t play for or another reason, thank you for sharing, have a wonderful day

    • Sorry, it doesn’t play for you. Are you able to access any of the other videos? It seems to play on my side; maybe your internet is slow today? Best to try it from the website itself rather than the email notification. Anyway, thanks for following!

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