2 thoughts on “Triple Threat: Sophie Duker

  1. Hmmmm,.. 🤔
    I don’t know Jack.

    Actually,..I laughed and laughed,..and snirked and smiles.
    I really enjoyed her witz.

    But,…as a ‘white man,…in his 60’s‘,
    I know,…if I would make the same jokes,
    about race and sex,…
    I would be beaten with a stick,..
    by the same audience,..
    …probably, with Sophie Duker,
    on the sideline,…

    Expressing such thoughts,
    i’m called “Racist”. “Sexist”,..
    ,…but actually, I’m just confused.

    Especially,…since I can sit,..
    Listen to HER,…and laugh.

    • Well, we all get abused in life, one way or another. Comedians generally find a funny way to tell about their specific experiences. There are lots of older white guys who have made their living as comedians doing that. Some of them are even on this blog–Rodney Dangerfield, Jackie Mason, Henny Youngman… 🙂

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