Taken For Granted: Overcoming Underwriting

“This week, I imagined a radio station in dire financial straits deciding the only way out of its financial difficulties was to take on underwriting sponsorships, like you hear on NPR or PBS. Now I know that’s a completely hypothetical situation, I know that would never happen at a place like this, Pacifica WBAI…”

Our take on the latest schemes to fund Pacifica.

2 thoughts on “Taken For Granted: Overcoming Underwriting

  1. Nice job, Jack! Cracks me up. Maybe we can re-do this with others reading the ad copy and related sound effects and so-called “music”, make’m sound like real ads but with your writing?

    • Thanks, Mitchel. I’m always wanting to add more voices and production values to these pieces, but I have to work fast, and then I am on to working on the next week’s segment. But maybe we can put something together.

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