Crying With Laughter: The Onion


The satirical online and print periodical The Onion has been at it for over two decades now, and sometimes I take it for granted. But over those years, it has given me plenty of laughs with its pitch perfect satire that never breaks character. My wife recently emailed me a link to an Onion article that made me literally laugh out loud so many times during reading the piece, that I had to share it.

Here it is. If you’re a man and it doesn’t crack you up, you’re a better man than I am:

3 thoughts on “Crying With Laughter: The Onion

  1. Jack! That a is soo funny! Nicholas ( I loved him anyway) used to have this sincere response almost anytime I would say it was time to clean:

    “I don’t think it’s THAT bad.” I often wondered how “bad” it would have to get before he “noticed” it. πŸ˜€

    Bill Bryson in one of his books postulated that woman have an extra sense that men don’t have, which allows them to detect dust that men just can’t see. 😊

    Guess the *Onion* is on to something!!

    Thanks, m

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