Left Turn


Gadzooks, it’s Magic and Marxism.

I had an opportunity last Saturday to speak about and perform magic at this year’s Left Forum, an annual gathering of political leftists, with hundreds of lectures and panels throughout a hectic weekend. The theme of the panel for which I was performing was the neurotic pitfalls of doing political work. My tenuous contribution to the other panelists’ fascinating talks was a magic performance that emphasized the vulnerability of all of us—even Marxists!—of falling victim to deception and self-deception.

You can see a video of the performance by clicking on the video above.

Thanks to panel organizer Mitchel Cohen, and panelists Irene Javors, Ann Snitow, Debbie DeSpina Sophia Stamos and Margaret Stevens.

4 thoughts on “Left Turn

  1. Jack!! I loved your magic tricks!! That was a great performance!! Who made the video??

    Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got a loud applause over here with from the gang at 95 EPKwy!!

    (What happened during the shooting of it is just what almost always happens to me at movies: the* last *minute, just when it is really awkward to move!!, someone comes and sits* right* in front of me!!

    Why the hell did people let her sit THERE?? It was such a shame. And why didn’t the person doing the shooting tell her to keep her damn head out of the way??? Anyway, I could see most of it, but it would have been so much nicer without her head in the way!!!đŸ˜£)

    But: BRAVO!! on a really cute production!!!

  2. Thanks. Sorry about the obstructed view. I gave my cellphone camera to my wife Linda a few minutes before on a whim and she took the video. The venue held 42 seats and every seat was taken so latecomers had to sit in the front row. Next time I’ll try and plan ahead for video.

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