The Radical Chaplin: A King in New York


After Charlie Chaplin’s American passport was revoked during the McCarthy era, he made a movie in his exile called A King in New York, about a monarch  who visits the US and is subjected to a HUAC-like Congressional panel. In one particularly pointed scene, the King visits a progressive school and gets an earful from an anarchist-minded young lad, serendipitously played by Chaplin’s own 10-year old son, Michael. Both a spoof and delineation of anarchist ideas and those who promulgate them, it’s some of the most radical talk you’ll hear in a studio motion picture.

Thanks to YouTuber Onder Koffer V

5 thoughts on “The Radical Chaplin: A King in New York

  1. Glad you enjoyed it. I always thought that the reason it was rarely considered a major effort from Chaplin was because of political reasons, not artistic ones.

    BTW any news about the next Everything is Old Again Live cabaret show?

    • It’s on hold for the time being… Till we can find some sort of sponsor or perhaps if Cabaret Scenes can get some kind of Grant…thanks for your support… I’ll keep you posted…

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