Stuck In The Middle With You




Josh Turner with friends Carson McKee, Reina del Cid on lead vocals, and Toni Lindgren. They just did a great gig at Rockwood Hall in NYC last night and  closed with this.

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2 thoughts on “Stuck In The Middle With You

  1. That was really nice. The young woman did a nice job on the slide guitar (I forgot what’s that called..)! Wow! That must have been a fun performance. How did you hear about it??? I like the Josh and the others very much. They just focus on producing the music with no theatrics, strange costumes, or cheap appeals, etc. Just the music, which is excellent music!!

    • I looked on his website where he lists his tour dates. They just came back from Europe. It was a small bar off Houston St and Allen St. where they packed in more than 100 people standing, but we got there early and grabbed a nice little table in the balcony with a great view.

      The woman on slide guitar was really terrific there, too, all night. Her name is Toni Lindgren. When I get a chance I’ll post a duet of her and Josh playing an instrumental on guitars which is really good.

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