“Well, Blow, Roy, Blow”


Monday morning Gene Krupa, Anita O’Day, and Roy Eldridge in “Let Me Off Uptown.”


3 thoughts on ““Well, Blow, Roy, Blow”

  1. Remarkable performances, isn’t it!!! And while we are on the subject: how in the world
    does a person do a split and pull themselves back up like Eldridge did TWICE!!!
    Whew!! Wish I could do that!!!

    • I thought the dancer might have been Roy Eldridge, too, but based on some googling, I *think* the two dancers are named Jeanne Bayer and “Jazzlips” Richardson. I couldn’t find out much more about either one.

      In Anita O’Day’s autobiography she claimed that Eldridge would complain to Krupa that O’Day was upstaging her with her little dancing while he was playing the trumpet solo. Krupa, who didn’t want to show favoritism to either key member of his band, refused to tell Anita to stop dancing. But Roy got so miffed that he stopped talking to Anita offstage for a decade!

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