The Tennessee Waltz


Okay, so “The Tennessee Waltz” is a song I’ve hated all my life. When I would hear it on the radio or when somebody on a TV variety show would sing it, I would immediately turn it off. It seemed to me like an endless, very boring song. But…wow. This version by Reina del Cid and Toni Lindgren on guitar is just great. First time I really heard the lyrics, and Toni’s guitar playing is wonderful.

More at Reina del Cid

1 thought on “The Tennessee Waltz

  1. That was really nice. Good strumming on the guitar by Reina’s partner. I remember
    that song and knew all the words (not that there are that many of them). And
    I never thought I paid that much attention to the song.
    But I really like this rendition.
    It was captivating in its own way.


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