“New Jersey Is Famous For Glue…”: Blossom Dearie

“Pencils come from Pennsylvania…”

Blossom Dearie states some State facts that won’t get you on Jeopardy.  From the song, “Rhode Island Is Famous For You.”

The clever lyrics are by Howard Dietz who also wrote “That’s Entertainment.”

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4 thoughts on ““New Jersey Is Famous For Glue…”: Blossom Dearie

  1. I didn’t really know much about Blossom Dearie, until I read about her a couple of weeks ago. When Jack Sheldon died, I ended up looking for not only the Schoolhouse Rock videos he was involved in (I’m just a Bill, Tale of Mr. Morton, etc.) but some of the others as well. And Blossom Dearie sang a couple of them (Unpack your Adjectives being the one I remember best from my youth).

      • I don’t know about those specific songs, but Sheldon was a wonderful jazz trumpeter for many years, and was music director on Merv Griffin’s band on his old talk show. I wouldn’t be surprised.

        I first became aware of him from his appearances on the color version of “Dragnet”. Jack Webb was on the edge of the California jazz scene (see his film “Pete Kelly’s Blues”), and along with Sheldon, would hire other musicians for his shows (torch singer Julie London and pianist Bobby Troup were both regulars on Emergency!) After I found out that Sheldon was a jazz trumpeter who was a regular pot smoker, his baffled demeanor on Dragnet made much more sense.

        The wikipedia article on him is quite informative.

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