Breakfast With Buster

From The Scarecrow, made in 1920, it’s Buster Keaton who lives in a house “where all the rooms are in one room.” Keaton multi-tasks and makes multi-use of every square inch of space. New York City apartment dwellers, take note.

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8 thoughts on “Breakfast With Buster

  1. What a comedy god, what a genius. Fresh, funny, brilliant, and very, very touching. He was a giant in the comedy business. As good as ever. Thanks.

  2. First time I’ve ever seen anything with Buster Keaton, although I recognize his name-my comment – HOW INVENTIVE, VERY IMPRESSIVE.

  3. Keaton is my favorite of the silent film actors. Chaplin had more skill but he never showed up on a Samuel Beckett movie… or a Frankie and Annette beach movie…

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