Eleanor And Buddy

Powell and Rich, that is. Two of the greatest percussionists in movie musicals. This number (with Red Skelton and Bert Lahr looking on) is from Ship Ahoy.

Thanks to YouTuber Richard Preston

4 thoughts on “Eleanor And Buddy

  1. Well,….sitting next to ‘my’ favourite Tap Dancer,…
    (makes a great coffee!, as well….),
    …SHE said it ALL(!..!):
    “WoW! What was THAT!..!”

    phwuuuuu,…i have’t the answer.

    Thanks Jack.
    ,…much enjoyed.
    Have a really nice weekend.

  2. I was wondering what was going on in the world when this film was made. The US was already involved in fighting (1942). And here’s what wikipedia says about the plot: Tallulah Winters is a dancing star who is hired to perform on an ocean liner. Before she leaves, she is recruited by what she believes is a branch of the American government and asked to smuggle a prototype explosive mine out of the country. In fact, she is unknowingly working for Nazi agents who have stolen the mine. Meanwhile, Merton Kibble (Red Skelton), a writer of pulp fiction adventure stories but suffering from severe writer’s block, is on the same ship and soon he finds himself embroiled in Tallulah’s real-life adventure. Also appearing in the film were Bert Lahr, Tommy Dorsey, Buddy Rich, and Virginia O’Brien.

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