We’re Not in Kansas, Toto…

Monday morning, we’re in Norway to be exact. A head-banging get-out-of-bed heavy metal cover of Toto’s song “Africa” by the excellent Norwegian guitarist Leo Moracchioli and friends Rabbea Massad and Hannah Boulton.

For those who like to compare and contrast, here’s the considerably more mellow cover by the MonaLisa Twins and Mike Massé

Africa: Toto

Monday morning after sifting through literally dozens of versions, band configurations, and covers, we settle on this 2013 version of the 1981 Toto song.

Dave Paich: lead vocals, keyboards and writer

Simon Phillips: drums

Nathan East: bass

Steve Lukather: lead guitar

And because here at Shalblog Industries® we use every part of the buffalo, expect more versions of it posted this week.

Thanks to YouTuber MADIM67