The Great Divide


FISM has been called the World Olympics of Magic. It’s not quite that, but it is an international competition where performers attempt to wow their fellow magicians. This year’s winner was the amazing Eric Chien who turns some common tropes of card and coin magic upside down and inside out. For me, he’s the most refreshing card man since Shin Lim. 

Click on the video to see some powerfully entertaining magic that will leave you shaking your head, “How?”

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Hector Mancha: From Nowhere


Magician Hector Mancha won the Grand Prix of the 2015 international FISM magic competition with his sketch of a poor man who for a brief moment is able to get money to appear at his finger tips.

Those wiggly fingers have a lot of magicians scratching their heads over where those bills are coming from.

Thanks to YouTuber  maxivolkmagic

A Very Unusual Day: Laurent Piron


French magician Laurent Piron daringly conceives and executes a wonderfully surreal and visual magic scenario for the 2015 FISM international magic competition. Lots of clever misdirection; you’ll probably catch some moves if you repeat the video–but a live audience only gets one chance!

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