All The Things You Are: Scott Hamilton

Monday morning, you wake up with that tune drifting in your head.

Scott Hamilton’s tenor sax about as smooth as they come.

Scott Hamilton – tenor saxophone
Brian Lemon – piano
Dave Green – bass
Allan Ganley – drums

Thanks to YouTuber yoichiro tani

All The Things You Are

Longtime readers of this blog may know of my obsession with this song, as I’ve posted various versions over the years. This time we go operatic with Beverly Sills. One thing about Ms. Sills–you never worry that she won’t hit the high notes.

Thanks to YouTuber Vladmir Zworkin

All The Things You Are: Norm Lewis and Audra McDonald


Monday morning, we go legit. If you follow my blog regularly, you might know that this is one of my favorite jazz standards (see here and here and here for other versions). But it was originally written for a Broadway play for two duets with a lush orchestra. Here are  two wonderful legit singers, Norm Lewis and the extraordinary Audra McDonald, with their heavenly version.

Thanks to YouTuber Kylie Briggs

All The Things You Are: Sonny Stitt



Monday morning you wake up in a panic and realize it’s been more than a year since you posted another version of “All The Things You Are.” (For other versions I’ve posted, see here, here, here, and here)

So, another great take here:

Sonny Stitt – alto & tenor saxophone
Joe Newman – trumpet
Duke Jordan – piano
Sam Jones – bass
Roy Brooks – drum

The Greatest Popular Song Ever




At the live broadcast of Everything Old is New Again Live at the Metropolitan Room last Sunday, my heart leapt when I heard music historian David Hadju, author of the new history of popular music, Love For Sale, say that the most highly regarded popular song of all time was “All The Things You Are.” Well, of course, a statement like that is necessarily somewhat arbitrary, but it made me happy because I thought my obsession with that song (see here, here, and here) was strictly an idiosyncratic preference of mine. So it was nice to hear someone else say it.

And if you click on the grey triangle above, you can hear Mr. Hadju’s wife, singer Karen Oberlin, sing her lovely version of the song, complete with introductory verse.

Ms. Oberlin was just one of many fine performers in this second season of David Kenney’s and Frank Dain’s Everything Old Is New Again—Live aired on WBAI 99.5 FM NY. The other strong performers included  Alfio, Danny Bacher, Alex Leonard, Luba Mason, Tanya Moberly, T. Oliver Reid, Jacob Storms, and The Starlite Sisters. Definitely worth a visit, it’s the first Sunday of every month.

All The Things You Are: Coleman Hawkins




Monday morning starts with my favorite jazz standard. I like so many versions of it. This Coleman Hawkins take was new to me, but it’s already become a regular on my playlists.

Coleman Hawkins (tenor sax), Bud Powell (piano), Oscar Pettiford (bass), Kenny Clarke (drums), at the Essen Jazz Festival, in West Germany, April 2, 1960

Click on the grey triangle above to listen.

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Phil Ochs once wrote that in such an ugly time, the true protest is beauty.

In a world gone crazy, there’s at least this one true Monday thing:

“All the Things You Are”

Guitar: Django Reinhardt

Violin: Stephane Grapelli