How To Get A Seat

There’s no one quite like Todd Robbins, a trained Shakespearean actor who went wrong somewhere and made a career as a magician and carny sideshow performer. Here Todd helpfully illustrates how to guarantee a seat on the subway.

Thanks to YouTuber travsd

Let’s Twist Again


Many magicians do balloon twisting as well, but I never considered it an art. However, after speaking with my balloon twister/magician friend David, I learned I was very much mistaken. In fact, balloon twisters hold conventions every year, and there are some amazingly creative works of art on display at those conventions.

Unlike magic conventions, the gender ratio for both performers and attendees is about 50/50 (for magic conventions, it’s more like 99% male). Click on the video above to view some incredibly stunning balloon costumes displayed at the balloon Costume Competition at the 2015 Twist and Shout Balloon Convention in Dallas, Texas.