Secret is the name of magician Derren Brown’s new live one-man show, and I’m happier than a pig in manure because for the first time ever, Derren is bringing his new show to the United States. Better yet, it’s opening in my city, New York City, this May, under the auspices of the Atlantic Theater Company. If you order now, you just might be able to get tickets.

In my opinion, he’s not just good, but so much better than any other contemporary mentalist, that it’s almost not fair to compare him with anyone else.

Click on the video above to see a very entertaining piece from his 2008 live show, An Evening of Wonders.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Derren Brown


Magician Derren Brown fries writer and actor Stephen Fry with one of his signature card routines.

This is one of Derren’s early routines, back when he was still doing card magic. It is a beautiful example of how Derren just thinks harder and longer about what he does than most other magicians. I also really enjoy the way he underplays his role in the effect.

The Cheekiest Magician in the World: Derren Brown

Magicians: catch what Derren says at 3:55-4:00. It’s total cheek. Magicians will hear Derren say, if they listen very carefully, exactly how the trick is done. Derren says the name of a trick that’s known to all magicians. He’s winking at magicians and saying, “See–I can take that old trick and dress it up so that you can barely recognize it.”

And the rest of us can just enjoy watching a magician who can take a standard effect and make a performance piece out of it. It’s what makes Derren Brown so watchable.