“Jimmy Mack, You Better Hurry Back”: Martha And The Vandellas

Monday Morning, Martha and the Vandellas put out the call.

Why Berry Gordy named the group The Vandellas seems to be a mystery, but they charted 26 hits in just nine years.

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No Wonder My Happy Heart Sings


As everyone knows, the major means of transportation in NYC is the hansom cab. Failing that, Monday morning, Bobby Rydell will fly. He had just turned eighteen in this clip, at a time when it seemed all the tv comedians were Jewish, and all the singers were Italian.

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The Poor Side Of Town


Because what would a New Year be without Dick Clark?

Surprisingly to me, this great song was the only record of Johnny Rivers (he of “Secret Agent Man” and “Memphis” fame) to reach #1 in the United States.

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