Tuesday’s Tunes

For the first time since I started this blog, I didn’t post a song on Monday–somehow I got confused about Labor Day and didn’t realize it was Monday yesterday. Anyway, here’s a special treat to make up for it: Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore with a perfectly delightful medley.

Thanks to YouTuber vintage video clips

All Or Nothing At All: Frank Sinatra


Two Brooklyn guys, Arthur Altman and Jack Lawrence, wrote the music and lyrics.

It was Sinatra’s first hit, and he recorded at least three different versions of it over the years.

The song has been covered by many, including Ella, Betty Carter, Sarah Vaughn, and John Coltrane. Sometimes I like to look for the non-obvious version, but this is one time I have to admit Sinatra has them all beat.

Thanks to YouTuber  finetunes Easy Listening