Monday morning, 1964, The Four Seasons. This was not a number one hit for the Four Seasons, but still one of the great Bob Gaudio/Bob Crewe productions with the inimitable Frankie Valli.

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The Real Jersey Boys


Monday morning, Big Girls Don’t Cry.

Last week I saw an excellent revival of the musical Jersey Boys, the play about the rise and fall of The Four Seasons, but I don’t think even the amazing Aaron DeJesus as Frankie Valli sang in as high a key as Frankie does in this clip. In this live performance (voices are live, music pre-recorded) Frankie falters on one of the notes, but it’s still great.

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Musical Seasons


Monday morning, I’m following my Josh Turner jones. A terrific Frankie Valli medley in one take by Josh Turner and a pair of very talented friends.

Left to right: Ron Remke, Jim Hogan, and Josh Turner on guitar.

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