What A Wonderful World

I met Raymond Crowe at the 2019 Genii Convention, and he was an absolute stand-out. He is a man of many talents, and I am sure you will be tremendously pleased with what he does in this clip.

Thanks to Youtuber AwesomeTalent666

You can visit Raymond’s website at raymondcrowe.com and view more of his unusual talents and skills.

Shadowgraphs by Leland Faulkner


One of the delightful extras at the Magicians Alliance of Eastern States convention this past week was a treat of a performance by Leland Faulkner. Leland is not only a fine magician and emcee, but also an expert at shadowgraphs and chapeaugraphy, two talents which he demonstrated for the audience.

Click on the video to view this talented and skilled artist at work.