Jazz and Self-Determination

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Photo by Lucas Allmann on Pexels.com



These are some excerpts broadcast today on Arts Express from a fascinating panel called “Jazz and Self Determination” at this year’s Left Forum. The speakers you’ll hear in order are Jeremiah Hosea, Ras Moshe Burnett, Ahmed Abdullah, Greg Tate, and moderator Althea Sully Cole. Listen as they grapple with what self-determination means to a jazz musician both personally and creatively.


Geniuses At Work: My Favorite Things

True, it’s 17 minutes long, but think of it this way: it’ll probably be the best consecutive 17 minutes you’ll have this Monday. Or this week. Or maybe, even, this year. And that’s not a put down of your year.

John Coltrane–soprano saxophone

McCoy Tyner–piano

Jimmy Garrison-Bass

Roy Haynes–Drums